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#3471 CAS Domestic Coordinator

Company: US Dept of State - NEA-SCA/EX
Location: Washington
Posted on: May 27, 2023

Job Description:


Duration of Appointment: 1 year with potential to renew

Key Requirements:
U.S. Citizenship is required.
Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance.
Incumbent will be subject to random drug testing.
Position is located in WASHINGTON, DC
To be considered, applicants must be willing to relocate or live within a 50-mile radius of Washington, DC

Candidate Selection: Offer will be made based upon application meeting the minimum requirements for the position.

Salary: GS-14 Equivalent ($132,368- $172,075).

For award, NEA-SCA/EX will negotiate for this contract based on the following:

- Entry-level salary is at Step 1 of the grade range assigned to solicitation.

- Consideration given for experience relevant specifically to the solicitation requirements.

- Level and extent of experience dictates the salary level within the grade range.

Veteran's Preference: Veteran's preference is not applicable to this position.

**The applicant's resume serves as the basis for qualification determinations and must highlight work experience and professional certifications related to this opportunity.**

Statement of Work

CAS Domestic Coordinator, PSC-0130-14
U.S. Department of State
Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
Coordinator of Afghan Relocation Efforts (CARE)

I. Introduction
This position is located in the Coordinator of Afghan Relocation Efforts (CARE) office, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA), Department of State (DOS). The Bureau deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. relations with the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Through diplomacy, advocacy, assistance, and learning from the past, SCA advances the interests of the American people, their safety and economic prosperity. The CARE office is responsible for efficiently executing the mission of safely and securely relocating personnel currently located in Afghanistan who are eligible to enter the Operations Allies Welcome (OAW) pipeline. Operations under the CARE office are managed along these primary areas of responsibility:

Case Management/Contact Center for intake, management, and initial approval for Afghanistan individuals seeking relocation
Managing special cases for intake and approval
Transportation within and out of Afghanistan to Camp As Sayliyah (CAS) and potentially other third country locations
Processing for relocation and/or resettlement from CAS and/or other locations
Engagement, Analysis, and Communications with external stakeholders

The PSC serves as the domestic contact point between the CAS site and CARE, providing authoritative information and guidance on operational and policy matters within an unprecedented, complex assignment. S/he manages the means through which the plans, objectives, and problems regarding relocation activities of vulnerable populations out of a high-risk country are made known to the CARE Leadership. Responsibilities include involvement in the relocation of Afghans to Camp Bondsteel for longer-term processing; participation in the development and implementation of long and short-range plans, procedures, and policies relating to processing and relocating eligible Afghan populations out of CAS; coordinating CARE contributions to interagency projects; and for representing CARE on committees and working groups that address issues of vital interest to the Bureau/CARE/Department.

II. Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Duty 1 - Policy Advice, Analysis and Implementation (35%) FLSA Exempt

Serves as the operational contact point between CAS and CARE, operating with significant independence in managing the means through which the plans, objectives, and problems of the relocation activities in CAS are made known to the CARE Leadership. Establishes a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for relocation efforts. Involved in the relocation of Afghans to Camp Bondsteel for longer-term processing. Provides expert advice and guidance that influences the decisions of senior policy officials and in turn impacts the development and implementation of long- and short-range plans, procedures, and policies relating to processing and relocating eligible Afghan populations out of CAS. Participates in the implementation of the SOP for non-routine cases, in close conjunction with special case officers. Reviews and evaluates policy, guidance, and other matters that affect CARE operations, drafts responses, recommends and follows up on appropriate corrective action to strengthen operations or staffing in support of relocation activities in CAS and produces widely disseminated analytical products that represent CARE's official assessment of complex issues while keeping the policy making and foreign affairs communities constantly apprised of new issues and developments in the specialty area. Leads the effort to ensure individuals that will be relocated to CAS receives all required needs upon arriving, which requires extensive coordination and planning.

Provides informational consultations and orientations to colleagues and management officials in the Department and the interagency arena. Advises on issues and problems; develops and proposes resolutions of policy and procedural issues related to CARE relocation efforts in CAS and coordinates implementation of policy decisions. Conducts research and analysis on policy and issues that affect relocation activities in CAS, to collect information on problems and possible solutions in policy and program implementation. Serves as the point of contact for questions regarding CARE efforts in CAS, directing inquiries to appropriate parties and facilitating requests as appropriate. Drafts, clears, and issues policy and procedure implementation guidance for use by countries that currently have populations that need to be relocated to CAS. Provides follow up problem solving assistance, guideline interpretations, and technical consultations as required. Participates in interagency working groups and meetings and makes recommendations to these bodies and to Department management on new policies or approaches that will assist in achieving policy objectives. Participates in meetings to contribute detailed technical analyses and assessments of complex issues and alternatives to decision.

Duty 2 - Policy Coordination (30%) FLSA Exempt

Involved with Interagency policy coordination for Afghan individuals in need of further processing.

Establishes effective relationships with Afghan populations in CAS to advocate for and communicate with those who may be eligible for relocation; liaises with the State Department and other U.S. Government agencies to coordinate with Afghan populations, overseas locations, foreign governments, and on the ground contractors to facilitate the processing and relocation efforts of eligible Afghans currently residing in the CAS for entry into the OAW pipeline. Provides expert advice and guidance to these populations on U.S. Government policy and travel requirements needed for processing, including coordinating and tracking flight plans, medical preparedness, and passenger numbers ready for travel. Collaborates with interested CARE stakeholders regarding CAS activities at each major step in the CARE relocation process to make certain that the operations and process in CAS will be consistent with policy. Reviews progress reports, data, and material emanating from the CAS site. Provides reporting and projections on the populations at the CAS site to inform policy decision-making. This may include providing up-to-date information on case trends, medical needs, family sizes, exception categories and other pertinent information regarding the population at the CAS site.

Duty 3 - Operational Monitoring and Evaluation (30%) FLSA Exempt

Monitors and evaluates CARE operations in CAS, ensuring that program objectives and progress indicators are being met. Identifies and troubleshoots logistical and policy obstacles with CAS capacity. Works with CAS Site Lead to implement policy guidance affecting operations on processing sites. Provides advice and assistance to Logistics Leadership team regarding problems of internal CAS management, staffing, and operations, and assures that the CAS site receives adequate support. Provides on-the-ground assistance (TDY) to the CAS operation potentially for several weeks at a time. Identify and escalate risk and issues for CARE Leadership as required. Assesses risks to the U.S. of CARE failures, partial successes, and unwanted side effects. Proposes revisions to criteria for evaluation of program success as necessary. Prepares detailed reporting and recommendations for CARE operational improvements, especially as it relates to CAS activities. Set and drive CARE priorities with the vetting community and to ensure a steady flow of processing. Coordinate and communicate CARE priorities to the vetting community, especially pertaining to CARE operational and performance objectives.

Duty 4 - Additional Responsibilities (5%)

Performs additional studies, projects and representational assignments as directed by the supervisor.

III. Knowledge/Skills Required for the Position

Expert knowledge of the theories and principles of political science, international relations, economics, history, geography, or other social science related disciplines to analyze and evaluate factors and conditions involved in the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy specific to one or more countries, produce policy relevant assessments, and provide expert advice, guidance and consultation to officials about policy implications and developments in the assigned area.

Mastery of advanced management and organizational principles, procedures, and administrative concepts coupled with comprehensive knowledge of analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to plan, manage, and direct complex administrative staff work independently to accomplish CARE program goals and objectives in the most timely and effective manner, assess the effectiveness of assigned program operations and policies, resolve complex problems, and perform a range of complex and sensitive tasks in a timely and effective manner that further the CARE mission.

In-depth knowledge of the Department's organization, operations, goals, objectives, programs, and relationships to provide expert analytical and advisory services responsive to the specialized needs of CARE and associated organizations.

Comprehensive knowledge of research methods and techniques, combined with analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to conduct studies, analyses, evaluation, and assessment of assigned functions, recommend approaches to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and prepare and present reports and briefings to explain findings and recommendations.

Keen understanding of current U.S. foreign policy objectives, programs and the political and institutional environment and situations and circumstances involved in the formulation of policy and position of issues under the purview of the CARE Office and S/CA Bureau leadership.

Knowledge of Department goals, objectives, programs, and relationships to provide analyses that are responsive to the specialized requirements of the Department.

Ability to plan, initiate, organize, and coordinate activities to accomplish assigned responsibilities through the effective and efficient use of available resources.

Ability to negotiate, influence, and reconcile differing or conflicting viewpoints and to achieve consensus in arriving at positions on complex policy issues.

Knowledge of U.S. foreign affairs information sources, processes, and organizations, in order to validate, analyze, evaluate, and interpret complex information derived from a wide variety of sources and produce relevant policy assessments, recommendations, and strategies.

Ability to establish liaison at all levels throughout the foreign policy and intelligence communities to exchange information vital to both spheres of operation.

Skill in written and oral communication to prepare and present written reports, papers, policy, and analyses, provide advice and guidance, solicit information, defend proposals, and negotiate agreements and represent CARE and the Department in a variety of internal and potentially external forums.

Experience with the vetting community.

IV. Other Requirements of the Position
The contractor must be a United States citizen.

The contractor must be granted a Top-Secret security clearance prior to entry on duty, and maintain such clearance throughout the period of employment.

DoS will provide the professional service employee with a computer workstation and access to existing applications (e.g., e-mail, MS Office Suite, etc.), adequate office space, and telephone service. The Department will also provide printers, faxes, and copiers. Telephones may only be used in accordance with Federal Guidelines and Standards to conduct DoS related business. Government furnished computer equipment and use of office equipment (such as faxes, copiers) will be provided.

DoS will provide computer storage space on the Department's unclassified network to host the professional service employee deliverables. All deliverables (e.g., documented procedures, customized software, applications and enhancements) are the property of the Department of State and will be returned to the Department of State upon completion of the support services.

SCA shall have perpetual rights to all raw data and deliverables resulting from work performed under this content.

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