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Deskside Asset Management

Company: HCL Technologies
Location: Washington
Posted on: June 25, 2022

Job Description:

Title: Asset ManagementLocation: Washington DC, 20049Fulltime Description: CLIENT has been receiving old devices that have need to be either Donated, Disposed, or but back in circulation. Donations Process 1. Device(s) is unboxed or collected from a source. 2. Device needs to be recorded carefully in order to be updated in SNOW. (serial number, asset tag, and model number)3. Device needs to be wiped this takes about 5 secs to complete. 4. Device is placed on donations rack and paired with a charger until able to be picked up. Disposal Process1. Device(s) is unboxed or collected from a source.2. Device needs to be recorded carefully in order to be updated in SNOW. (serial number, asset tag, and model number)3. Device needs to be wiped this takes about 5 secs to complete. 4. Device is placed in disposal for disposal pick up. Putting Devices Back in Circulation1. First you will check to see if a device has been assigned to a termination task.2. Check to see who the device was assigned to in SNOW. 3. If not done already place the device "In Stock" once you have possession and device has been physically verified. Every Day Task1. Make sure Imaging is cleared of old devices 2. Make sure tech place is cleared of old devices 3. Make sure old devices in the cage are taken to disposal. 4. Make sure everything is up to date in spreadsheets so that SNOW can be updated. 5. Go through task to make sure terminations manager return laptops.NEW DEVICESDescription: In order to maintain and keep up with Clients OP request and replacement of devices. We must keep track of inventory in order to get the appropriate amount in stock ready for deployment. New Laptops1. Laptops that are coming in from imaging usually get delivered to the cage these devices are get inventoried. 2. Ensure that the new device has an asset tag if not add one to the device and update in SNOW3. Update master Inventory sheet.4. Sent to Ruchi to Update in SNOW. Peripherals1. When Peripherals are delivered they get counted. 2. Updated in our own repository to keep track of 3. Maintained and updated until supplies run low and then CLIENT Is updated to purchase more devices.4. Update ITS master inventory sheet. Daily Task1. Check to make sure there aren't any new devices that need to be recorded. 2. Update the appropriate people if there are new devices. 3. Make sure new devices are not being taken without proper authorization.4. Stock Tech place with needed peripherals.5. Unbox and unpack new asset inventory.TECH PLACEDescription: Tech Place is the face of ITS and usually where most Items are returned and also Picked up.Loaners 1. Make sure all loaners that are given out are returned. 2. Make sure there are enough loaners for emergencies. 3. Make sure Loaners are being recorded and labeled specifically for being a loaner.Returns1. Make sure return has a label on it. 2. Collect returns from tech place in take to imaging. 3. Record all returned assets. 4. Send spreadsheet to Ruchi to be updated in SNOW. 5. Send out emails to retrieve laptops from Users that no longer work at Client.Daily Task1. Make sure all returns are collected. 2. Make sure all sheets are up to date and accurate in order for SNOW to be updated. 3. Make sure there are enough loaners4. Make sure there are enough Peripherals for Tech Place stashEquipmentMake sure there are enough Peripherals to grab for tech place just in case a User may need a replacement or new device. IMAGING ROOMDescription: Imaging room is where most devices are deployed to UsersWarranties1. Make sure all warranties have been updated in Snow2. Make sure warranties that are scheduled have a someone there to go over with Vendor3. Keep Warranties in order4. Keep inventory of warranties to know how many devices may be salvageable.Laptops Going out1. There is a process set up for outgoing devices for Users. 2. Make sure Deployment team is following this process so that I can send out the spreadsheet they give me to send to Ruchi in case SNOW does not catch when they sign in. 3. Make sure imaging has the appropriate amount of laptops to give out so they don't run out. 4. Make sure there are no unauthorized devices being taken from imaging. Daily Task1. Check on warranty Progress 2. Make sure all devices in imaging are updated. 3. Keep a look out to make sure equipment is not running low. 4. Send updates to Ruchi so she knows what devices have been deployed. Equipment Make sure there is enough Peripherals, cables, display cords, ETC. For OP so that deployment team has everything that they need.LL CAGEDescription: The LL Cage is where ITS stores assets.Cage Cleanliness 1. Make sure all assets in the Cage are updated in SNOW.2. Make sure there are labels on racks 3. Make sure there are no lingering devices that have been dropped off without description and that if so it is wiped and placed in the correct place 4. Clean trash and boxes from cage5. Make sure Techs are able to find the assets they need in the cage 6. Maintain Mac inventory7. Unbox and Stock devices 8. Make sure spreadsheets are up to date and sent to Ruchi so that SNOW is up to date as much as possible. 9. Dispose of Desktops and old Devices that may be taking up space in the Cage.10. Label and mark asset bins.DISPOSALDescription: CLIENThas one cage assigned to assets in Disposal area for assets that need to be disposed of. Disposal Cleanliness1. Make sure all assets in disposal are recorded. 2. Make sure there are no foreign devices that should not be in disposal. 3. Keep proper Stakeholders aware if disposal is full or is getting full. Equipment taken to disposal--- Printers --- Desktops --- Laptops --- Monitors

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